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 "Gifts of the Sea" Plorkology  May 2021

I|I book review March 2023
"Stevie" Rise Up Review February 2023
Between Twilight book review February 2023
"Superstitious" Monterey Poetry Review January 2023
"Clara Schumann" Panoply January 2023
Wound Is the Origin of Wonder  book review January 2023
"She Heard the Earth Sing" RockPaperPoem December 2022
Finalists book review November 2022

"The Soul, Complete with Claws and Tail" October 2022

"The Death of Geli Raubel" "Leni" "The Avatar of German Animalhood" October 2022

"For the Shepherdess, In Benefit of My Doubt"  
Monterey Poetry Review September 2022
Abacus of Loss book review Colorado Review June 2022

The World That the Shooter Left Us  book review April 2022

"Winter Solstice: Niles Canyon Railway" "For Sylvia"  March 2022

All the Connecting Lights book review

The Museum of Americana  February 2022

"The Coming of the Yamnaya"  Arkana December 2021

"Late Afternoon"   "San Joaquin River Summer" Anti-Heroin Chic   October 2021
Damnation Spring  review Terrain September 2021
"One Hundred Years" Gingerbread House July 2021
"Advent" The American Journal of Poetry July 2021
Dust Bowl Venus review Writing Disorder June 2021
"the pied piper" The Inflectionist Review  April 2021
"And Run" "Tulpamancy" "Signals in the Unclean House"Oddville Press  March2021
Everybody's Jonesin' for Something  review Entropy March 2021
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